Lisa Do graduated with a degree from the University of Waterloo in Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours Kinesiology and is continuously furthering her studies in the health field to provide the best possible service.

Lisa is an experienced therapist with special interest in scoliosis and concussion rehabilitation. She is certified in the Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS 1) helping patients with scoliosis using specific exercises tailored to each person and their needs in a one-on-one training program. She also attended several seminars with keen knowledge of concussion-related methodology and rehab techniques. Lisa is our Internship Coordinator.

Lisa is passionate about physical fitness and health, providing personal training opportunities to those who wish to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. With an overflowing amount of energy, she loves challenging and encouraging her patients to reach their health goals and become a pillar of support throughout their process.

Lisa enjoys travelling around the world and dreams to reach out and help as much people as she can with her care.