Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression / Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy (SRT)

Today advances in spinal traction have brought promising results for patients with disc herniations and degenerative disc diseases. Non-surgical disc decompression is one such treatment, being advertised increasingly, that has brought initial relief for many, from debilitating back pain.

How is the SRT different from other spinal decompression?

Several key benefits. With higher contractility of the muscles with WBV, the muscles will fatigue 50% faster allowing spasm and splinted muscles to relax, enabling quicker decompression and pain relief. This essentially reduces the decompression time from the standard 30 minutes of traditional methods, to 15 minutes with WBV.

At CBHC, our SRT also includes a full spine postural restoration program. This is because 90% of disc problems are caused by postural breakdown of the normal lordotic curves of the cervical and lumbar spine. Therefore, without postural curve correction with muscle rehabilitation, the effects of decompression/traction will be lost over time and once again, the degenerative process will advance.
Traditional and conventional rehab, which involves performing resistance exercises through a range of motion (i.e.weights, machines, Therabands), works only the fast twitch muscles. The fast twitch muscles will make you strong, but they will not change the structure or remove the underlying cause of the disc problem. They will help you carry your groceries better, while your spinal structure continues to degenerate and your body becomes sick. The spinal muscles that support the spinal curves and determine your posture and health are slow-twitch postural muscles. These muscles require isometric exercise to strengthen and restore postural health. Once the spine is sufficiently decompressed, head, shoulder, and hip weighting are essential parts of the corrective isometric exercise program designed to predictably restore optimal spinal and postural alignment, permanently!

The Pettibon System of spinal correction in conjunction with the Pettibon Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy (SRT), utilizing Whole Body Vibration and decompression, is one of the only systems proven, with evidence based research, to achieve predictable disc re-hydration, structural curve correction, with neurological and physiological restoration of health and function, that sticks.

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