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Kinesiology is the study of human movement and how they impact our health and wellbeing.
At CBHC, we have developed a unique holistic body stretch program which are provided by our rehab therapists who completed a degree in kinesiology.

Stretching is important for everyone no matter your age or activity level. Our goal is to help you to move more freely with ease and without discomfort.

Due to time, lack of knowledge or motivation, many people skip the stretch.

The Complete Stretch program is one-on-one and on a table. Your therapist moves your body for you into postures that stretch specific muscle groups. You simply just need to relax, breath and let your body move through the range of motion.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Some of the benefits of assisted Stretch Therapy include:

  • Easing pain associated with tightness and tension
  • Improving range of motion, flexibility, mobility and strength
  • Improving posture, physical appearance and self esteem
  • Counteract the effects of aging
  • Increasing overall fitness and athletic performance
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Encouraging relaxation and relieving stress
  • Increasing circulation and blood flow to the muscles, surrounding tissues and joints

How does assisted stretching differ from regular stretching?

With regular stretching, you do the work yourself. Some people find it hard to know the proper way to stretch and which muscles to focus on for optimum positive impact. Without having the accountability of a regular stretch routine, many people will stretch minimally or not at all.

With assisted stretching, the work is done for you. You work one-on-one with an experienced stretch therapist who has knowledge of anatomy, physiology and stretching techniques, who will take you through a thorough routine of stretch personalized for your particular needs. During some stretches, you will be encouraged to completely relax your limbs to get the most out of the stretch. For other stretches you may be asked to engage and work the muscles. If you’re not good at stretching on your own, stretch therapy sessions can help keep you accountable to improving your body through stretching.

Is this service covered by my health insurance plan?

Most insurance plan does not have coverage for stretch therapy. The good news is that this is an affordable program. Try one today and book your stretch session now.

  • One hour: Full body                          $70.00
  • Half Hour: upper or lower body     $40.00
Or contact us by email or phone call to schedule a session.