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On Field Coverage

CBHC also provides on field coverage. If you are interested in having our therapists be a part of your league or team, call us today. We provide full registered therapists to your game including physiotherapist, chiropractors, and physiotherapy assistants. If you are organizing a game or tournament and requires these services, you can also contact us.

Onsite Ergonomic AssessmentOnsite Ergonomic Assessment

What is ergonomic? A good ergonomic optimizing a work environment to enhance the health and safety of a person. It helps to lessen muscle fatigue, increases productivity and minimizes the number and severity of work-related injuries (overall health, mental health and musculoskeletal disorder).

Proper ergonomic workstation plays a vital role on your work productivity and overall health.

Here is link to some simple ergonomic tips. (

We can provide onsite ergonomic assessment at your home office or your work place.

If you feel your work statement may contribute to your health issue, please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Corporate Wellness

What is Corporate wellness?

Wellness at a workplace is more than just ergonomics. It’s about finding out what are the needs of your employees and helping them to bring positive change where it’s needed the most, so they can be at their best at work physically and mentally. You can choose from one of the three Corporate wellness programs or a combination or all three.

  1. Wellness seminar/webinars (pictures)
    Host an online wellness learning session that motivates and inspires employees to take informed health-based action. This is perfect to include employee from offsite locations or other branches.
  2. Lunch & Learns
    Bring a wellness expert in to host an interactive hour long workshops that educate on a variety of health-focused topics
  3. Wellness Fairs
    Let’s us work with your HR department and we do the heavy lifting for you.

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How frequent or how long is the treatment?

The frequency of the treatment depends on severity, duration of the injury and the location of the injured site. It ranges from 2-3x per week for 3-8 weeks. The treatment protocols follow the clinical recommendation by the manufacture. The protocol may also be modified based on each specific case. Each treatment may last from 15-20 minutes.

Or contact us by email or phone call to schedule a session.