Infrared Sauna

I have been receiving care at Complete Balance Health Centre since Dec. 2020. It has been nothing but a delight. I first worked with Dr. Fung and Lisa on my Scoliosis and they were quick to help me regain functionality in my right shoulder something that has been a pain for YEARS.

They are kind, helpful and patient caregivers and happy to give them this review. Moreover they also suggested I see their colleague Dr. Stacy for her skills in Naturopathy and Acupuncture to help my back pain. I thought this would be at best a way to ease symptoms which I was not thrilled about, but truth be told Dr. Stacy is INCREDIBLY knowledgable, experienced and friendly and helped me discover that part of the breathing and back issues I was having was due to a Winged Scapula. We are currently working on it and I am glad to say that I am very hopeful that these chronic conditions that have plagued me are now close to an end.

I am so thankful to the whole team at the clinic and happy to give this review in support of them. I highly recommend them.

– Adrian Dabbie

Complete Balance Health Centre is a very professional. I have scoliosis and I always have low back pain, I only can lie down when I have pain. After few treatments, my condition get better and better and reduce the frequency of the low back pain. Dr Fung and Lisa is knowledgeable and patient. They provide very helpful treatment for me. Highly recommend!!

– Unkei Chang

I was so glad that I made the right decision to join the Detox Cleanse Program (21 Day Total Body Cleanse) by Complete Balance Health Centre. My special thanks to Dr. James Fung and Martin for their professional advice and kind support. They explained and guided me well with a lot of patience. I managed to lose 9.2 pounds in 3 weeks’ time in a very healthy way. The program wasn’t so difficult to follow as I thought before. I have been disciplined in the meal plan and taking the supplements. It started changing my appetite to eat greener (vegetables) and fruits, cut-down my portion size, and don’t have cravings anymore for my favorite chips, ice-cream, and soft drinks. I can control my appetite and not feel hungry. I am very happy with the results and most importantly I am maintaining my weight and continuing with the healthy eating habit right now. I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends.

– Carmen Ng

Dr Fung and his staff are super lovely and thorough. Also HIGHLY RECOMMEND Azra for massage!! Whether just a gentle relaxation massage or deep work and reflexology, Azra is my new favourite therapist in the city- she also sent me home with a few natural therapy ideas to help my ailments. She’s a magician. Go see her. She’s amazing.

– Melanie Brulée