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Anti-Flamme Herbal Relief Cream – 45g

Soothes strained muscles, joint aches, bumps, bruises and common sports injuries. It contains natural ingredients including pure herb extracts of arnica, hypericum, calendula and peppermint oil.



Motion Medicine Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream Tropical Cream

A topical analgesic cream used to ease pain and improve movement. It is also highly effective when used after bruising type injuries. It can be effective for joint and muscle pain, and is particularly helpful to prevent muscle pain after exercise workouts.



Motion Medicine Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream Tropical Cream

A unique and highly effective topical analgesic specifically formulated for the rapid relief of pain associated with stiff and sore muscles, strains and sprains, backache, and various joint, muscle and degenerative conditions. MEDISTIK’s™ active ingredients -the highest concentrations of Methyl-Salicylate (30%) and Menthol (15%) allowed without prescription- provide an immediate cooling effect to relieve pain, a long lasting heat to soothe and relax, and deeply penetrate the affected area to reduce inflammation over time.




Clinically designed for reducing and preventing pain, stiffness or fatigue in your lower back, neck and shoulder, and proven in over 15 countries, Back Vitalizer is the world’s only 4-in-1 proprioceptive therapy device that provides the combined benefits of a neuromuscular stimulator:

  • posture positioning device
  • custom lumbar support
  • spine decompression device
  • functional balance trainer

Use it in the car, on the plane or in the office


Thumb Brace

Thumb Brace (CMC)

The Push CMC stabilizes the basal joint of the thumb (CMC-1) and places the thumb in a functional position. This guarantees optimal hand function. The selected materials and rounded edges contribute to maximum comfort, the simple closing system enabling patients to fit the brace themselves without any effort. The product can be used in water, and can be dried easily.


“I have developed arthritis in my thumbs and sometimes can’t get to sleep for the pain. After getting my PUSH thumb braces, I wore them on a 4-hour drive. Usually that would have been enough to trigger sever pain in my hands. This time, I was completely pain-free. Now I wear the braces whenever I have to knit, write type, drive,–whatever requires a constant grip. I can carry on these activities for longer periods and suffer no pain.” C.T.



Chiroflow Pillow

The Chiroflow® Pillow’s Waterbase® design allows users to customize their pillow to their desired level of comfort, soft, medium or firm, by simply adding and removing water. The waterbase automatically adjusts to head movement throughout the night, maintaining essential cervical support, even when you move during sleep! Achieve the necessary support by filling the gap in the neck where the user lacks support from a conventional pillow – this augments the chiropractic treatment.

The Chiroflow pillow is preferred over other cervical pillows to improves the quality of sleep. Scientific studies have linked enhanced quality of sleep with improved quality of life.


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