Rose grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba where she became skilled market research interviewer for 3+ years at a Global research company. With the long-term experience, her pursuit in expanding her client/costumer service skills had landed an opportunity to work as an associate for a financial institution located in downtown Toronto and served for 2 years. During this spontaneous time, the search for rather meaningful and a purposeful life continued, and with a curious mind, she then found an interest in health care.

She started to work as front desk reception at another Chiropractic and wellness clinic in 2015 and was trained in various areas such as direct billing to Extended Health Insurance companies, assisted in submitting invoices and treatment plans for car accident benefits to car insurances and WSIB claims, coordination of benefits, appointment booking, and so much more! Throughout this journey, her views for health had completely evolved and with this great opportunity, onsite experience, this also shifted her direction to value her health and find solution for her chronic pain.

She had been suffering from Migraine and the reliance to certain medication and prescription drugs became natural regime at a very young age and were taught to her as the primary solution. What became important to her is seeking the most natural way for permanent and preventative solution. Being in this industry and its values in creating and maintaining healthy balance, she continues to get the care she needed from Chiropractic treatments, osteopathic approach, and proper nutrition through extensive assessment from Naturopathic direction and pain relief through Acupuncture care. She gained 4+ years as front desk reception and being part of Complete Balance Health as now Clinic Manager, she’s determined to spread the positive experience, share her knowledge, provide necessary training and support to staff, and practitioners, importantly to serve our patients and the community with transparency, and lend extra hand for your health care needs.