Jaydee graduated in 2018 from University of Toronto with honours in the Specialist in Psycholinguistics program. Her passion for understanding the complexities of human language, cognition, and acquisition has been the driving force behind her academic pursuits. She also plays the piano and is always eager to try learning new languages!

In her free time, Jaydee is an avid PC gamer with a deep appreciation for MMORPG/MOBA games including World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and the strategic challenges that gaming provides. She finds joy in exploring virtual landscapes and engaging in friendly competition with fellow gamers. Outside of the digital realm, Jaydee has developed a newfound love for golf.

Navigating the front desk, she is eager to provide exceptional service and support to both colleagues and visitors alike. She is committed to ensuring that every individual who walks through the door receives a warm welcome and the assistance they need.