Complete Balance Weight Loss Program

It may be your first attempt at losing weight, or it may be an ongoing battle in which you feel you’re on the losing side. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Stats Canada states that a majority of Canadians—almost 60% are either overweight or obese and as a result we are in a weight range that increased the risk of developing health problems.

Weight loss is more than just caloric intake or physical activities. Although physical activities help, but have you wondered why some people who don’t exercise much and don’t need to lose weight, while others who exercises consistently but doesn’t seem to lose much weight. In addition, we also consider food sensitivities, digestive fitness, psychological stress, along with exercise and diet history.

Our program is designed to obtain a long lasting results that is sustainable. How did we gain weight in the first place? For most people, it’s because of lifestyle. Therefore, Complete Balance Weight Loss Program is about a flexible lifestyle change that is custom-made to fit you.

Our Complete Balance Weight Loss Program consists of the following

Low Glycemic Index Eating

Healthy and fresh food is delicious. Weight loss experience should be delicious as well. Low GI program centers on food quality rather than food quantities. You bring your appetite, we supply the menus and recipes.

Body Composition

It’s really not just about weight loss. For some people, it can be weight gain. Do you want more lean muscles? And less fat (internal and external). Our focus is to change the muscle to fat ratio rather than just total weight, since our metabolism is directed impacted by muscle mass.

Comprehensive Educational Program

Discover what are the common mistakes most people make in sustainable weight loss and why you struggled to lose weight in the past. Learn how to how to overcome plateau.

Food Education and Supplement

Whole food is delicious, but as the world resource is reduced by pollution, so are the nutrients within our food. Supplementation becomes more essential in sustaining and replenishing sufficient energy, and repairing and healing our body. We offer a wide variety of supplements that is unique for you based on your needs and help you adjust to your new lifestyles.

Coaching and support

Coaching has been showed as an effective way to improve the success rate of weight loss. Our knowledgeable and inspirational coaches guide you through this journey as you pursuit a healthier future by providing practical advice, tips and encouragement.

Exercise Program

An effective exercise program can help to improve the success rate of weight loss when combined with low-glycemic eating and educational program. Our exercise therapists, doctors and kinesiologist help to choose the right exercises for you that’s effective, fun and enjoyable.

Take action today. Gain more energy.


Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve long lasting, healthy weight loss that is sustainable. To accomplish this we will walk you through our program over different program that is suitable for you.

Choose one that’s suitable for you

3 weeks program Detox: ideal for 3-10 lbs

6-8 weeks program: ideal for 10-20 lbs

12 + weeks program: ideal for 15 lbs or more.

One thing we’d like you to think about is why you’d like to embark on this weight loss journey. When you create a powerful WHY, you’re more likely to meet your goal. The reasons are different for everyone. It could be better health, better ease in your clothes and daily movements, having the energy for children, improved self esteem, less weight on arthritic joints or simply vanity. Whatever the reason, be clear on it as it will guide you through this process like a north compass.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting endeavor.