Volunteer and Co-op Testimonials

"It’s been a year since I started volunteering as a student intern alongside Dr. James Fung. At the start of the internship, I had difficulties connecting with patients. I wanted them to feel comfortable and be able to trust me. This past year I've watched myself grow into a more confident woman. I have overcome the fear of talking to people outside my comfort zone. There was never a dull moment working at Complete Balance. I found myself doing extra research at the end of each day, on the things I wanted to learn more about. I am very grateful to him for giving me this opportunity and pushing me to become closer to the woman I aspire to be. I have a more positive and confident attitude going into my Masters program. I've had the most amazing experience working with such a great team." Lola A

"I am a placement student from the University of Toronto and from my learnings, I have always believed in the holistic and multidisicplinary approach in meeting patients needs.  Dr. James and his team truly believes and thus puts much efforts in delivering health using the holistic approach.  This includes being proactive and helping patients prevent future health implications and interested in long-term health care rather than merely treating symptoms.  Complete Balance is a fantastic place for pateints and all the doctors and therapists there are truly geuine in helping patients recover and sustain their health.  During my time at Complete Balance, I shadowed Dr. James and Rochenda Howard, physiotherapist - they are not only incredible health professionals and faciliators of health to patients, but to students as well.  As a student, Dr. James and Rochenda has surpassed my expectations for what I wanted to learn at CBHC.  Their experience, knowledge, and trust that they have in students to provide countless opportunities to learn are truly what makes my experience great.  I most definitely recommend Complete Balance to all patients, as well as students who want to pursue a career in the health sector." Fiona Y

"I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to volunteer as a clinic student intern, as it provided me with experience when working with patients. Working alongside the chiropractic allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of the human body, as the chiropractic provided adjustments on patients to solve the problem rather than simply treat symptoms. He assisted me in increasing my skill development through continual progression of task difficulty - beginning with learning laser treatments to ultrasoundtherapies and advancing to assisting patients with exercises. This placement experience has privileged me in gaining practical experience of knowledge that I have learned in lecture-based courses. Thank you for the opportunity! Alexis P