Mini Spa package: $70(save $10.00)

30 min facial massage + 60 min infrared sauna
This package is ideal for those who have a busy schedule. The sauna is a great way to relax and eliminate toxins from your body before getting back to your busy life. Available weekdays or weekends.

Spa Package: $110(save $15.00)

60 min full body massage + 60 min infrared sauna
This is our most popular package
A full body detoxification by sweating out toxins, followed by a full body massage. Come and treat yourself.. or give it as a gift to treat someone else!

Mind and Body Package: $600.00 (Save $225.00)

5 sessions of 1 hour full body massage + 5 sessions of 1 hour life coaching
How often do you hear people complain about physical stress and mental stress. Massage can help to reduce physical stress. Life coaching can help you to refocus your goals, your career, your relationship and excited about life again. A gift to your body and a gift to your future. Why not start today to create a better tomorrow.

Revitalizing Package: $110.00 (save $20.00)

30 min Facial massage + 45 min of foot reflexology
Our face and feet experience daily wear from the environment, the sun, the wind and daily walking. They deserve a treat as well.


Gift Certificate is Available