Far Infrared Sauna Testimonials

"The Infrared Sauna is the first service I used at Complete Balance Health Centre. I set out on a life-long goal to be healthy, loose weight & obtain overall wellness, inside & out. (I have now lost 45 pounds after changing many different aspects of my lifestyle, including consistently utilizing the Infrared Sauna).

After doing some of my own research on the benefits of Infrared Saunas, I learned just how great it is for ridding your body of toxins which are hard to get rid of if you don't really sweat on a consistent basis (which we normally don't excessively). The Infrared Sauna is also better for your body than a conventional sauna & I have found it to be a major difference in the tolerance in the heat from the Infrared to conventional. After a sauna session at Complete Balance & several nice cool showers, I always feel renewed & refreshed & find that my sin looks great & glowing!

The facility at Complete Balance is great because you get your own private space, complete with shower & sink & the sauna also accommodates for to people if you ever wish to bring a partner. The other perk (& major one) is that the Centre offers by far one of the best monthly deals in the city of Infrared Sauna use!

Invest in you & take care of yourself!"
Andrea S. Toronto