Detoxification (removal of toxins and impurities)


Celiac Treatment due to detoxification benefits of the sauna "Our Far North infrared sauna was chosen after a very extensive review of most saunas available in stores in Vancouver and on the internet. Due to the assurances given, and care and attention taken by Far North on behalf of its customers that all health related concerns for saunas such as the EMFR levels, toxin emissions and emitter output levels were thoroughly addressed, we were convinced that their products were best in class. We have used our Far North sauna virtually every day since buying it 8 months ago. We are feeling far more invigorated and healthy than we have felt for years and are convinced that the sauna has positively impacted the wellness of Dana, who is Celiac, prone to being glutened, and who recovers far quicker than ever, due to the detoxification benefits of the sauna. Thank you Far North for this wonderful source of enjoyment and wellness in our lives."K.A. and D. A. Kamloops, BC