Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have always been a sceptic with Chiropractic. Thank goodness to a friend who insisted me to see Dr. James. His approach is very unique. The combination of postural exercises with adjustment really works. He makes sure I do my pre-treatment warm up exercises as well as home exercises. My recurrent and chronic lower back pain is much better now. I can even turn my head better as well. Thanks" L.M. Kewell.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. James for over a year. I like the way he takes his time to treat me and tell me what he is doing and why. His recommendations as to what I need to do at home tells me that he is interested in achieving long-term results for his patients.” C.B.

"I was treated by Dr James Fung. I was suffering from a torn ligament in my shoulder. Dr Fung was able to provide me with the pain relief that I needed to function in my day to day life. With the assistance of chiropractic care, prescribed exercises ,  massage therapy, ultrasounds and laser treatment I am 100% better. I highly recommend his services. Thank you so much!!!!"  C.M

As a chiropractor, Dr. James has a very holistic approach, which has proven to be successful. Not only do I no longer experience extreme pain in my lower back and hips, but his care has helped me reach and surpass my long distance running and fitness goals. I am very grateful to be able to walk taller and have greater mobility in my neck and spine. Furthermore, Dr. James always has great stories and philosophies to share. I consider him to be a valuable part of my health regime. Nishi D

“At the age of 6 my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. Even with bracing and alternative treatments her curvature had gotten progressively worse over the next 5 years.  Just before starting treatment, her curve was at 60 and 49 degrees and was told that she would require surgery.  After beginning treatment with Dr. Fung, he has managed to stop the progression of her curves and no longer requires surgery.  I can’t thank Dr. Fung enough all his time and effort in helping my daughter with her scoliosis. Over the past year, Dr. Fung and Preet have made our weekly visits both relaxing and enjoyable.  I would recommend Dr. Fung to anyone who is suffering with scoliosis.” Margaret, Toronto, ON

Dr. James Fung and his team at Complete Balance have really altered the way I view and perceive chiropractic wellness.  I have been a Chiropractic patient since I was 13 years old (I'm now 31) and never out of the many Chiropractors that I have been to has there been a Doctor that has taken the time, effort and planning that Dr. Fung and his team have in order to create, not only through understanding and education, but with the goal of correction and prevention in order to TRULY help me and what MY specific needs are.  I have been so impressed and learned so much that my wife and 10 year old daughter also visit with him for their own personal program in care.  We have seen amazing improvements in our daughter, once mentioned in a conversation with Dr. Fung we realised that an ongoing challenge with my daughter wetting the bed could be a result of a misaligned spine that is affecting her bladder (keep in mind we tried everything and so there was no harm in trying this), and after a couple months of her visiting with him once a week and doing some simple exercises at home (that take no more than 10 minutes) we have seen her going from bed wetting at least 5 times per week to ONCE only in the past 3 weeks, it has been amazing and also helped restore the confidence in my daughter after thinking this whole time that as a 10 year old girl she has had a problem that no one else had - that is something we could not have foreseen but have been incredibly happy to see.  It takes a moment to decide it's time to change certain things for the better of your health, for yourself and your family and the results are incredible (more than expected).  I have been so happy with the team at Complete Balance that I have visited with Dr. Soo (the Naturopath) and Robert (the Massage therapist) and know that I will continue with taking care of my overall wellness, all in one place. Andres, Toronto, ON

I wanted to thank you for everything you and your clinic have done over the last year for me.  Not being a big believer in Chiropractic care before I came into your office, I had exhausted every possibility I could think of before coming to you for my neck. As you know I injured my neck playing hockey and I just could not get relief, it was impacting my sleep, my work and my ability to be active and continue to play.  It didn’t take me very long to realize I made the right decision coming in.  Not only did you fix the issue with my neck, you helped rid me of a nagging groin injury (which had been going on for over a year), as well as a foot injury that was on going.   Diagnosing my foot issue as plantar fasciitis and putting me on a program to correct it, as well as having your colleague Dr. Mandlsohn outfit me with orthotics has cured the issue. Since I’ve been coming to Complete Balance I’m feeling better, sleeping better, playing better and Preet and everyone else there are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for everything, I’d refer your clinic to anyone!  Mitch B. Toronto


"I decided to come to Complete Balance Health Centre because I suffered from lower back, hip, neck and jaw pain as well as chronic daily headaches for years. After a couple of weeks of chiropractic adjustments and following Dr. Fung's recommended exercises, I noticed a huge difference in my back and a lot of my pain subsided. I was most amazed that my headaches and jaw pain were gone as well since I was not aware that chiropractic intervention could fix these issues.  Dr. Fung has also taught me how to prevent the pain from coming back by showing me at-home exercise routines and helps me to work on a long-term prevention plan." E.C. Toronto, 22 yr old


I have used the services of Complete Balance for more than ten years. Dr. Fung and his staff are competent, kind and helpful. When I follow Dr. Fung's advice about exercise and diet, it really helps me, but when I resume my bad habits he is always ready and able to make me feel better. Over the years I have noticed how the patients vary. They range from the very young to very old. Some have sports- or work-related injuries. Many have the chronic conditions associated with aging. All speak well of the treatment they have received. C.T., Toronto 78 yr old