Arthritis Video | disease comes in over 100 different forms

This chronic debilitating disease comes in over 100 different forms and effects people from all walks of life. Arthritis sufferers typically find pain in joints due to inflammation and lack of fluidity. Far infrared sauna therapy helps Arthritis sufferers by promoting immense amounts of fresh blood flow into starved areas and brings with it much needed nutrients. Most patients who utilize far infrared sauna therapy will notice pain relief immediately or within a few sessions in the far infrared saunas. Arthritis effects people in all age groups, but over half of those suffering are under the age of 65. Most Arthritis sufferers find relief only through medication which ends up being increased over time as the body becomes more resistant to the drugs. Far infrared sauna therapy works in a very different way as the increased blood flow quickly flushes an area with the much needed oxygen rich blood resulting in pain relief from Arthritis. The effectiveness of far infrared sauna therapy has been shown time and time again to work for Arthritis sufferers and to allow them to decrease or even eliminate the need for medication. Far infrared sauna therapy is a safe, proven, natural method of promoting pain relief from Arthritis and many other muscular skeletal ailments. Instead of relying on increasing medication, the patient is able to naturally reduce pain caused by Arthritis without the harmful side effects seen with chronic exposure to pain medication.