Thumb Brace (CMC)

PUSH-Thumb Brace

  • Stabilizes the basal thumb joint (CMC-1) and allows for functional thumb use
  • Reduces pain and loss of strength
  • Low-profile design means almost no restriction during activity
  • Rounded edges and specialized materials provide maximum comfort
  • Simple closing system makes one-handed application easy
  • Antimicrobial - can be used in water and dried easily


"I have developed arthritis in my thumbs and sometimes can't get to sleep for the pain. After getting my PUSH thumb braces, I wore them on a 4-hour drive. Usually that would have been enough to trigger sever pain in my hands. This time, I was completely pain-free. Now I wear the braces whenever I have to knit, write type, drive,--whatever requires a constant grip.  I can carry on these activities for longer periods and suffer no pain." C.T.

Price: $109 CDN