Valerie Smith R.I.H.R., PSTEC, Registered Psychotherapist, Life Coach

Valerie has a "Bachelor of Arts Degree" B.A. from the Moldova Academy of Art, "Bachelor of Music Degree" B.M. from the Academy of Music, and a "Psychotherapy Diploma" from the Transformational Arts College of Canada in Toronto. She is also a member of the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP) and a Certified Practitioner of Percussive Suggestion Therapy Level 1 (PSTEC).

Valerie specializes in empowering people who suffer from childhood traumas, low self-worth, and unhealthy life style. Valerie uses Gestalt, PSTEC, Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Guided Visualization.

Dedicated to being the best that she can be as a guide for others and herself; Valerie continues to learn from those who have walked before her. Various trips to study abroad with Eastern healers has further entrenched her belief that we are all connected. As we help ourselves to live in health, we help those around us as we become living examples. She has chosen to incorporate a holistic approach in her therapy sessions that involve working with the mind, body and spirit. Using various proven natural techniques and methods, she helps you discover the cause of the problems you have in your life.

Valerie is naturally gifted and provides a safe environment for her clients like you to be heard. She understands the courage it takes within oneself to choose a path of self discovery.

With guidance and courage, you too can let go of fear, rediscover hope, and choose a path that fulfills and empower you.